After talking about what games came out this week, we had a Podcast first "Vs." segment. This pits some of your favorite video game characters against each other. Vs. fight 1 pits Toad Vs. Brolly in San Francisco! Listen on the Podcast then go to our forums and debate the winner! (Vs. matches will be posted a few days after the release of the Podcast).
As is becoming a weekly occurance, Final Fantasy is in the news, this week it's details about a special PS3 exclusive Trophy that will unlock a custom FFXIII theme, and new screenshots. Mario also makes a super appearance and nets Nintendo big money! X-box 360's talks holiday plans, and a special present for W.o.W. authentacator users.
Vs. Fight 2 is Nemises (Resident Evil) Vs. M. Bison in a Wrestling Ring.
Vs. Fight 3 is Jax (Mortal Kombat) Vs. Commander Sheppard in The Danger Room.

Also in this weeks episode:

- Bioshock 2 preview
- World of Warcraft 3.3
- Dawn of Discovery and Super Mario Bros. Wii reviewed.

Our Round Table Quick Question this week was the best and worst video game to movies ever. We finished up with a rundown of upcoming video game movies and some we'd love to see.

As always, please add us on myspace, visit our forums, and tell us what you think!
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Music: Mario Bros. Super Show, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
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