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It's Contest time!  Make sure you listen for full details!  We talked about Borderlands, Phantasy Star 1 and 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Gears of War I and II, Resident Evil 5, Dragon Age, Dante's Inferno, Resident Evil 2, Twisted Metal 2 and, of couse, God of War III.

In video game news, knock up your best friend in Fable III and $888 for an iPad?  Learn how to make some Baby Back Boar Ribs!There's also news on Korea's MMO curfew, Sony's Navigation Controller, Alan Wake, and the Gears of War 3 preview..    Also in this weeks episode:

-  Final Fantasy XIV news
 -  Mini's of Torchlight and Serious Sam HD:  First Encounter
 -  Retro review of Phantasy Star
 - Contest details reviled! 
Nothing like a refreshing round of Vs. to round out the week!  We had a good fight involving Ifrit, a must check out for Vs. fans!  There's also a pink puff in the skies of Namek.

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