After talking about what games came out this week, we had a Podcast first "Vs." segment. This pits some of your favorite video game characters against each other. Vs. fight 1 pits Toad Vs. Brolly in San Francisco! Listen on the Podcast then go to our forums and debate the winner! (Vs. matches will be posted a few days after the release of the Podcast).
As is becoming a weekly occurance, Final Fantasy is in the news, this week it's details about a special PS3 exclusive Trophy that will unlock a custom FFXIII theme, and new screenshots. Mario also makes a super appearance and nets Nintendo big money! X-box 360's talks holiday plans, and a special present for W.o.W. authentacator users.
Vs. Fight 2 is Nemises (Resident Evil) Vs. M. Bison in a Wrestling Ring.
Vs. Fight 3 is Jax (Mortal Kombat) Vs. Commander Sheppard in The Danger Room.

Also in this weeks episode:

- Bioshock 2 preview
- World of Warcraft 3.3
- Dawn of Discovery and Super Mario Bros. Wii reviewed.

Our Round Table Quick Question this week was the best and worst video game to movies ever. We finished up with a rundown of upcoming video game movies and some we'd love to see.

As always, please add us on myspace, visit our forums, and tell us what you think!
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Final Fantasy XII is in the news again this week, announcing Cid Raines! Nintendo states that the Wii's sales are up 85% since price cut. Another game banned in Australia, A street named after the only girl to get annual boob jobs, and some talk about the future of the Zelda Series. We also were surprized at last minute news for aNew Medal of Honor and Netflix on PS3!

Also in this weeks episode:

- Previews for God of War 3, God of War Collection, Silent Hill
- MMO Report on Star Trek Online and Star Wars The Old Republic
- Finished catching up on reviews

In our third Do You Remember, Frank talk a little about the Sanyo 3DO. Well, some of us remembered it anyway.

In the first Round Table Quick Question (or RTQQ for short...just kidding!) we gave our Christmas Wishlist, followed by our combined recommendations for others! Consider this our Holiday Buyers Guide!

As always, please add us on myspace, visit our forums, and tell us what you think!
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