We're short a man this week, but not short on stories!
In an unexpected announcement, Wii gets Netflix!. With Mass Effect 2 coming out, there's a new novel. Microsoft says no need for a new xbox. Bioware has issues returning to Ostagar, and a little information about day one DLC for Mass Effect 2.

Also in this weeks episode:

- Bayonetta review
- Army of Two 40th Day review
- WET minireview
- Huge December NPD's

The MMO report saw a change of pace with information on Fantasy Earth Zero.
We threw around CES 2010 talk, including 3D TV's/Blueray, IP TV, the Best Of CES, the Microsoft Gameroom, a new speaker phone for 360 from Nikon, and a motion control for PC.

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Runtime: 1:52:18
Music: Fantasy Earth Zero, Dragon Age Origins
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Coming Soon.
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This special discusses the best of 2009 and what we're looking forward to in 2010. Note: Sorry about the bad echo! We're trying to fix this issue and hope it will be resolved in our next podcast. We tried to fix the issue with no luck. This is why there was a delay in posting.
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