We have a great episode for you this week with lots of news stories!  This includes Dante's Inferno patch, 360 exclusives, Sony PSP fighting against used game sales, and Left 4 Dead 2 add on info.  We also started a new news category called "Just Wrong" that has stories that just make you want to shake your head.  They include spying on high school kids and a wow obsession that leaves a mother on the floor, a hole in the wall, and a grandfather with a gun.

Also in this weeks episode:

- Madden's 2011 cover

- Halo and Dante's Inferno cartoons
 - Kratos as a little elf
 - Assassin's Creed sequence 13
 - W.o.W. plushies
 - FFXI still going strong
 - RE5 DLC
 - Sega and Sonic 4
 - Borderlands DLC
 - Star Wars comes Home
- Natal shown off by Clark Kent

We have two epic Vs. matches this week, one which influenced our music and ended with January NPD's.

Our podcast has surpassed a few other video game podcasts with downloads, so that's pretty exciting but we're still not seeing any forum or facebook love!!  So please, sign up and tell us a little about yourself.  And as always, you can join us on Myspace or email us to tell us what you think!

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Music: Ristar

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