This podcast covers Final Fantasy from the beginning of the game until the Middle of chapter 10.  SPOILER ALERT!  We talk about the story and many boss fights.  The first 15 minutes, however, are spoiler free and give you a little idea of what we think of the game

Look forward to a full review on Final Fantasy XIII in Podcast 18.


At about an hour in, I added the Japanese theme song preview.  I didn't want to put the whole thing, but I left a good amount of it for everyone to get an idea of what it sounds like



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This week on KVGT;

Our host has lost his voice!  It's okay, Patrick is more than happy to take over for the week!  It's also a Final fantasy XIII filled week for the crew as all of us have started playing it.  In video game news, Sony and Microsoft embarrassed?  That's what Nintendo says!  Also in this weeks episode:

-  Dragon Age 2
-  Left4Dead2 Mac
 -  God of War III
 -  Modern Warfare 2 Map Pack
 -  New Kid Icarus?
 -  Resident Evil 5 DLC Review
 -  White Knight Chronicles Review
We had some more Vs. fun, the inspiration for this weeks break music, and ended with a question I've had for my crew that I've been waiting to ask.

Thanks to everyone.  March has been another record breaking month for us.  We really would love to know what you think, so please sign up on our forums, email us, and become a fan on our facebook page!

Runtime: 1:41:47

Music: WWF, Luigi's Mansion



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After problems with Podcast 15, Podcast 16 went smoothly.  We talked about what we've been playing, went over release dates for upcoming games, and, in video game news from around the world, we talked about the differences between Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 and 360 and Nintendo's new cartridge patent.  In science news, we talk about Earth's Magnetic field.  In other news, we talk about Resident Evil 5 DLC, Bioshock 2 DLC, and X-Box's new rules for Gamertags.  Also in this weeks episode:

- Review for Aliens Vs. Predator.
- Previews for Fallout New Vegas and Final Fantasy XIII.
- A Special MMO Report.

Thanks to everyone who is downloading us.  We really would love to know what you think, so please sign up on our forums, email us, and become a fan on our facebook page!

Runtime: 1:56:53

Music: Final Fantasy XIII

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Had an accident this week that left part of our podcast unsaved.  On top of that, I lost my voice soon after recording so I had to wait until Patrick was available to record an intro.  With the help of him and Kevin, we recapped the 40 minutes we lost.

Also, news links were lost and so i'm just going to forgo true show notes this week.  It was a bad week all around for us it seems!  I hope you still like our Level 15!!


NOTE:  In the recording of the intro, Patrick mentioned that the name of the Podcast was What It Do.  It was changed at the last minute to Level 15, which I don't think was explained why.  From now on, thanks to influence from our favorite podcast, we will be getting our titles from things that were said during the episode.  One of us referenced that our Podcast was now Level 15 and that's why our title is Level 15.

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