Instead of going over each and every game we talked about, I'll simply say this is a must listen to podcast.  Part 2 of this special, which will be the round up of E3, will be posted sometime early next week, preferably Monday or Tuesday.  This podcast goes over the following:


-EA Press Conference

-Ubisoft Press Conference 

-Microsoft Press Conference

-Nintendo Press Conference

-Sony Press Conference


It was an amazing two days at E3 and this is probably your best way to get all the information from these conferences in a short period of time.  Enjoy!


A little note.  The Podcast runs just under 1 hour and 50 minutes with no breaks.  We did this in the interest of time and getting the information out fast.  There was a lot of new info that came out in a short period of time, so if we got anything wrong, please understand this was hurried so we could get it out to you.

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This week on KVGT;

Due to both lack of news and time, we had a short podcast this week, lasting just over an hour, but still managed to fit in some talk about Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy XI, Batman Arkham Asylum, Diablo II, Mario Galaxy 2, Gears of War 2, Dead Space, Lost Planet 2, Darksiders, Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, and a few more games.

Seems like bad people just continue to do bad things, including stabbing a CS player.  Also, some of our (okay, not really us, but gamers in general) favorite things are on the top 50 worst invention list, and the iPed, or is it aPod?  We also talk about the next Guitar Hero, Insomniac's deal with EA, Killzone 3, Supreme court justic O'Connor, Michael Jorden, Hitman movie sequel, Natal dated and priced, Earthworm jim HD, and Pac-Man's 30th year. 

 Also in this weeks episode:

- Mini reviews for Mass Effect 2 DLC Firewalker and Stolen Memories.
 - Do You Remember?  The original gaming Mat!
Two good Vs. this week as we continue to make headway towards our tournament in the near future!  Look out for that real soon!

Our contest is still going, but to be eligible for our prize you must be signed up on our forums!!  We also would love to know what you think, so please email us and become a fan on our facebook page!

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Music: Red Dead Redemption

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