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Getting back into the gear of things, we talked about Final Fantasy 7, Mass Effect Redemption, EGMi, Mass Effect 2, Gears of War 2, Halo ODST, Madden, Dragon Age: Leliana's Song, Red Dead Redemption, and Guitar Hero 3.

Slow week for gaming news, which is to be expected only 2 weeks after E3, but we did have news on a 7 year old Melee secret, Bioshock 2 DLC, Final Fantasy XIV release dates, Chrono Trigger, and the crazy Koreans.  Sadly, we had 3 stories for Just Wrong this week, including a Maltov Cocktail, Dell's bad motherboards, and video game themed condoms.  On the flip side, DS lights the way to save a life and you can visit the moon!  

We also talked about Bioshock the movie, video game sales, 360 colors, World of Warcraft going free, Farmville, Blizzard forums, Microsoft Japan Co., PS3's new color, PS4, and Modnations Racers.

 Also in this weeks episode:

- Allan Wake review
 - Star Wars: The Old Republic preview
 - A Virtual Do You Remember
We started out Vs. tournament this week, which will last through podcast episode 29 and will conclude in a special released soon after.  It's a real exciting time for us doing this first tournament, I hope you enjoy!  As soon as the tournament is over, our new Vs. system will go into effect.

We're currently switching to a new webpage and so activity on our blogspot is, well, minimal at best.  The new website will be up and running by the time episode 27 is released.  We would love to know what you think, so please email us and become a fan on our facebook page!

Runtime: 1:57:14

Music: Smash Bros Melee


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