This week on KVGT:

This week we got right into it, talking about Rift (of course), Gears of War 2, L. A. Noire, Final Fantasy XIII, Red Faction Armageddon demo, Madden 11, Brink, Gears of War 3 Beta, and Scott Pilgrim the game.

We also talked about PSN being back online, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, Mortal Kombat, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Square Enix warns investors, Harmonix's new game, Dragon Age 3, Paypal, Alan Wake, Gears of War 3 pre-orders and kill counts, World of Warcraft premium service, Lineage shutting down, and Soul Calibur 5.

Also in this episode,

 - MMO Report

We had two vs. this week, lets just say ninja vs. ninja and animal vs. animal went at it!  Don't forget to find our main page on and email us at

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This week on KVGT,

Short episode this week, and we're missing Frank, so we just talked about Rift, Gears of War 3 Beta, and Mortal Kombat!  Yep, that's it for the full list of what the three of us played!

We also talked about Capcom sales, Blizzards donation, New Tomb Raider Film, Star Wars: Old Republic launch, L.A. Noire DVD size, Assassin's Creed Revalations, Wii price drop, Mass Effect 3, and Killing Bin Laden!

Also in this episode:

 - Games are Art

 - Final Fantasy XV

No Vs. this week.  Next week will be another odd episode because Jeremy will be gone!  The official Rift guild is up and can be found at and please check us out online at!

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This week on KVGT;

That's right!  You see it correctly, after 45 episodes, we FINALLY name one "What It Do"!  This is in honor of Patrick's birthday!  Happy Birthday, Pat!

Other than that, we talked about Rift, Mortal Kombat, Madden, Gears of War 2, and Gears of War 3 Beta.  That's it, that's what our list amounted to this week!  

In news, we have Portal 2 DLC, X-Box and Kinect sales, PSN's free pass, Assassin's Creed Revelations, a new Jurassic Park game, a list of top shooters, God of War 4 news, Grand Theft Auto 5 news, more about the PSN attack, who's on the cover of Madden 12, Marvel Universe MMO, and a Just Wrong reporter news story.

We had two Vs. this week, one I really enjoyed and one, thanks to the knowledge of the crew, that was almost a no contest, but maybe you don't feel that way?  Let us know, post on our wall on facebook!

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