This week on KVGT:

     Just three of us this week, so the list of what we talked about only consisted of Halo: Reach, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, From Dust, Civilization V, Dead Rising 2, Mortal Kombat, and NCAA 12.

     We also updated the release dates for serious Sam: Double D, The Baconing, and Star Wars Kinect.  In other news, we talked about EA's cap on how many players for Star Wars The Old Republic, the iPad 3, possibility of games like Road Rash and Wing commander to come back, a misstweet to Jennifer Hale, Gamestop streaming, more Borderlands 2 info, Sims social on Facebook, NFL Sunday Ticket on PS3, update on the Valve protest, a new MMO for Android, the next xbox 360 Dashboard update, PS3's short comings with voice chat, losing content in Ninja Gaiden 3, rumors about a 3DS redesign, Playstation Home's major update coming soon, and Sonic CD coming to XBLA.

Also in this episode:

 - Website update to include a Gallery that anyone can post on.

 - Website update to include a blog post each week where you can get all activity in one place.

     That was it for this week.  As always, Like us on Facebook and come check out our new Homepage.

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Album Number: 2

Date: 8/21/2011
Theme: Opening music and theme songs
Total Music Time: 28:49
Total Podcast Time: 31:29

For the second album of Resonance Podcast, I wanted to take you though some of the most memorable opening or theme songs of all time, or at least some of my favorites.  I did my best to keep a variety and only included two songs from the Final Fantasy series.  If you’ve been playing games for as long as I have, I’m sure you’ll recognize most if not all of these right away.  I also wanted to mention that I don’t plan on using a lot of early gaming music in this podcast, but I knew an episode about theme songs wouldn’t be complete without a few.  Enjoy.

Song List:
  1. Prelude - Final Fantasy Series - Distant Worlds II (Nobuo Uematsu) (3:22)
  2. Wings - Lunar Silver Star Story - Noriyuki Iwadare(3:03)
  3. Main Theme Arrange - Genso Suikoden - Miki Higashino, Tappi Iwase (Tappy),Taniguchi Hirofumi, Mayuko Kageshita and Hiroshi Tamawari(2:03)
  4. Title + Green Hill Zone - Sonic the Hedgehog - Masato Nakamura(2:37)
  5. Main Theme + Overworld - Super Mario Bros. - Koji Kondo(3:04)
  6. Opening - Super Metroid -  Kenji Yamamoto(1:26)
  7. Overworld - Legend of Zelda - Koji Kondo(1:20)
  8. Legends of Azeroth - World of Warcraft - (2:41)
  9. Tetris Piano Opus - Tetris - Martin Leung (1:10)
  10. Melodies of Life - Final Fantasy 9 - Shiratori Emiko (7:36)
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This week on KVGT:

Good with with the Original Four back together!  Because of that, we had a lot to talk about including Halo: Reach, Diablo II, Half Minute Hero, Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout, Lego: Universe, Dragon Age II: Legacy, UFC: Trainer, Witcher 2, NCAA Football 12, StarCraft 2, Red Faction Armageddon, Fifa 2, Civilization V, Battleheart, Supreme Commander 2, Madden 11, Madden 12, and Mortal Kombat.

In Release updates, we talk about Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword coming November 20th, Twisted Metal being delayed until 2012, Lord of the Rings War in the North coming November 1st, Witcher 2 for X-box delayed, a new Counter Strike game coming in 2012, and Fallout New Vegas Lonesome DLC delayed.

In news, we talked Nintendo being pressured to bring games to the iPhone, Target starts selling 3DS for $170, Assassin's Cred Revelations beta, PS3 price drop, Epic confirms 5 new games, Lego: Universe adding levels and goes partly Free-To_Play, 360 no longer to be shiny, Battlefield 3 requires Origin, Google+ Games, Redbox and Foursquare, Mortal Kombat: Legacy Blu-Ray, Gamefly starts PC downloads, and Gears of War 3 Wireless controller.

We also talked about a sad statistic in the amount of people who finish games they start, talk about DefCon and DefCon Kids Village, how a IT at Bungie stops a shooter, more bad things blamed on GTA and...blackberry?, Protest outside of Valve studios, Swiss Police don't like Darkness II, Rage cheating some fans, and a sad sad story of a stolen PSP.

Also in this episode;

 - Preview of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

 - MMO Report (World of Warcraft expansion, Rift Patch 1.4, Star Wars: The Old Republic's 15 year plan)

As always, thank you for downloading or Podcast!  We really are nothing without fans.  With so many new listeners, we're looking forward to hearing from you all and encourage you to drop us a line!  You can either email us at or find us on Facebook.

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This week on KVGT:

I want to appologize for the poor quality this week.  Patricks mic is all but broken and I didn't realize how quiet he was until after we recorded.  This will hopefully be fixed in the next episode.

Not a whole lot of games talked about this week, but we did talk about Halo: reach, Final Fantasy I, Mortal Kombat, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Dragon Age 2 DLC, and Red Dead Redemption.

In news this week we talk about Resistance 3 Beta, Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year edition, Borderlands 2, Battlefield 3, Words with Friends, Lord of the Rings: War of the north, Final Fantasy Tactics, Witcher 2, Xenoblade, the Vita processor, people are mad at the 3DS price cut and what Nintendo plans to do, Heroes of Newerth goes FTP, Gamestop to sell in-store digital PC games, Sony's bold statement to Nintendo, Disney kinect, Diablo III, a new Peanuts game, gettming married with Pixel Junkies, a promising technology from Euclideon, Making money from Diablo III, how to get top doller for your children, and how sitting and playing video games 12 hours a day might be able to harm you.

Unfortunately, that's all this week.  Kevin did not do an MMO report as promised, so hopefully next week.

Just a reminder, our new website is located at  We also have our contest going, so please click on the banner below for more information!

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