This week on KVGT;

Short Podcast this week to get us back onto track.  I want to thank all our listeners for sticking with us through this time away.  Along with some personal issues we've been having, the release of Final Fantasy XIV has taken the time of 1/2 KVGT.

Even with a short podcast, we still talked about Dragon Quest IX, Halo: Reach, Final Fantasy XIV, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Dragon Age, Mass Effect 2, Madden 11, Gears of War 2, Final fantasy XIII, Silent Hill, and Metriod Other M.

In news, Sarah Palin and Barack Obama go head to head on the court, Panasonic announces new console, and DC Universe delayed.  In Just Wrong, a stolen car is used to steal video games.  Two new video game movies have been picked up, including Just Cause and Myst.

The blips for the week consisted of talk of Black Opps, PS3 and Facebook, OnLive going free, Kinect helping hand, Moves sales figures, Duke Nukem early access, Captain America by Sega of America, Cataclysm's release date, Metal of Honor, Males injured playing with their Wii, Gears of War 3 delayed, PSP2, Halo: Reach cheaters, and Dead Rising on iPhone.

Also in this episode:

  • An MMO Report on Final Fantasy XIV
  • August NPD's

As always, please check us out on!!  We also would love to know what you think, so please email us and become a fan on our facebook page!

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***I, Jeremy, personally apologize for the delay in Podcast 32.  It was recorded about a month ago and just now being published.  Again, I apologize.***


First a little note to any and all web publishers who listen to us.  We'd really like some advice on where to host a webpage that is easy to manage and we can import our RSS feed directly into it.  If you have any knowledge, please E-Mail me!  Okay, now onto the Podcast...

This week on KVGT:

Exciting week for releases with Hawx 2, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Kingdom Hearts:  Birth by Sleep, and Halo: Reach coming out!  If you weren't broke before this week, you will be!  In news this week, we talk a little about how the Health works in Diablo III, along with a man being banned from X-Box Live in Fort Gay.

Our blips this week include Madden on Facebook, the Pink of Madden, new X-Box 360 controller, FFXI/FFXIV perks, Borderlands GOTY, DSi now cheaper, L4D and L4D2 DLC, a bad month for gaming, Tron Bonne, Playstation's Birthday, lack of FFXIII DLC, new Dissidia, Borderlands 69, Duke Nukem Forever, Resident Evil 6, Starcraft II, and Case Zero.

Also in this episode,

  • A review of Madden 11
  • A very special Do You Remember by Patrick

That's it for this Podcast, we're still working on Vs. tournament, so in the mean time please enjoy our regularly scheduled Podcasts!

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