Had an accident this week that left part of our podcast unsaved.  On top of that, I lost my voice soon after recording so I had to wait until Patrick was available to record an intro.  With the help of him and Kevin, we recapped the 40 minutes we lost.

Also, news links were lost and so i'm just going to forgo true show notes this week.  It was a bad week all around for us it seems!  I hope you still like our Level 15!!


NOTE:  In the recording of the intro, Patrick mentioned that the name of the Podcast was What It Do.  It was changed at the last minute to Level 15, which I don't think was explained why.  From now on, thanks to influence from our favorite podcast, we will be getting our titles from things that were said during the episode.  One of us referenced that our Podcast was now Level 15 and that's why our title is Level 15.

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